January 2022

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Not to toot my own horn…but…
I’m EXTREMELY honored to announce that I am now a Klangwerkstatt Martin Böhme trumpet artist! 

I met Martin Böhme this past October while searching for a more responsive trumpet and immediately noticed how he had his “shit together.” He is a gifted artisan who is passionate towards his craft, as can clearly be seen/heard in the instruments he builds. Never before in my career had I played a horn that made me stop and say “WOW” after only the first few notes! It is an absolute pleasure to work with Martin and play his exceptional trumpets!

To learn more about Martin and his beautiful instruments, check out his links here:



I am thrilled to debut my brand new “Tumultus” trumpet from Klangwerkstatt Martin Böhme!!! This is by far the nicest trumpet I’ve ever played/owned; possessing the dark, warm & buttery sound I prefer PLUS the articulate responsiveness I was missing previously. Here are some highlights from when I picked up my Tumultus as well as some information about it and a short demonstration. Enjoy! – JB


The day has arrived!!!

Please join us in welcoming Joe & Linda’s brand new album “Beyond The Places I Know”…NOW AVAILABLE exclusively through our web store: Choose from physical CD, digital download, or CD & download.

We’re SO excited for you all to experience it! – J&L

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