June 2021


Hey Joe, Whaddya Know? is an ever-expanding collection of thought-provoking concepts designed to inspire and help people achieve their greater potential.

My mission is to challenge viewers to look beyond their own perceptions and develop a greater awareness of life, others, and most importantly, themselves.

This endeavor has been a long time in the making, and though still a work in progress, I‘m pleased to share the fruits of my labor!

From my mind & heart to yours – Joe Babiak


Charley Verlaine’s Debut Album “KOMOREBI” (feat. Joe Babiak)

My good friend and super talented singer/guitarist/songwriter, Charley Verlaine, has just released his debut solo album entitled “Komorebi” !!!

I met Charley shortly after moving to Europe and always hoped he and I would work together. Therefore, I was very excited when he asked me to record drums for his album. Charley’s music combines powerful guitar-driven rock with soulful, melodic vocals. On par with his outstanding singing prowess is his extraordinary guitar playing, and his solo chops…GOD DAMN !!!

Be sure to check out his brand new album “Komorebi,” now available on all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.).

Merci mon ami, I’m happy to have played a part in this great accomplishment of yours! -JB


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